Your Association

Your Association

In 1789 France exploded into Revolution, George Washington was elected first president of the United States, Fletcher Christian led the infamous Mutiny on H.M.S. Bounty, William Wilberforce began his crusade in the British House of Commons to abolish the slave trade, and Bishop Charles Inglis founded King’s College.

In 1846 the British Crown, which had supported the college with a yearly sum of 1000 pounds, withdrew their funding. It fell to a group of alumni to organize, and cover their alma mater’s shortfall. This is the origin of our Alumni Association, the oldest in Canada.

And we still need you!


In 2014 for the University’s 225th anniversary we all “came home” to King’s. In 2016, we celebrated our Alumni Associations’ 170th anniversary with the first ever Worldwide Alumni Celebration. This year we will once again connect with King’s and with each other all across the globe.

Whether it’s two of you having tea in Johannesburg, 50 of you listening to a lecture in Toronto, 3 of you on a hike in Australia, or 15 ordering a pint back in the Wardroom at King’s. This is our call to you to come together. Let’s have fun while we carry on the tradition of helping King’s!
Jonna Brewer (BJH’87)
President, Alumni Association