King’s Alumni of Toronto present: Maritime Night at the Wardy

Toronto, ON

October 17, 2019

7:00 pm

Imperial Pub
Second Floor Library Lounge
54 Dundas Street E.
Toronto, ON

Event information

2018 Toronto WAC Event.

Step into the Imperial Pub, walk up the brick-walled stairs, smell the faint scent of spilled pints from years ago, and you will be transported back to the Wardroom at King’s!

Beloved, animated and exuberant Contemporary Studies Professor Sarah Clift along with  Eli  Burnstein, BA(Hons)’09 will be joining alumni for a rousing game of Spelling Bae, a beginner-friendly spelling bee of FYP words that will stimulate your mind and celebrate language.  “Spell words, compete for glory!”

Join your fellow King’s Alumni of Toronto (KAT), Sarah and Eli for an evening of collegiality, hilarity and a chance to test your FYP spelling knowledge.

If you know of any other alumni living in the Toronto area, please share this invite. Find us on Facebook.


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Look Who's Coming

Louis Boileau
Elle Bulger, 2011
Eli Burnstein, BA(Hons)’09
Sarah Clift
Alex Derry, BA(Hons)'07
Frederik Hayward, BA(Hons)'18
Rawb Leon-Carlyle, BA(Hons)'14
Cindy MacMillan, BA'94
Mike MacMillan, BA'94
Beth MacNeil, BA’13
Katie Merwin, BA(Hons)'11
Michael Stacey, BA(Hons)'06
Fred Tassinari, BA’67