Mark DeWolf (BAH ’68)

Welcome to 1970's.

In the early 1970s, the King’s Students’ Council found itself in an interesting but uncomfortable position. Because the university had no Advancement Office at that time, and no focused program of student recruitment, the number of actual King’s students enrolled was alarmingly low. But thanks to the revenue from the popular King’s Dances, held weekly in the gym and featuring some of the best bands in the region, the Council was flush with cash.

One use for this money was the King’s Promotion and Public Relations program (KPPR), which printed brochures and posters, sent King’s students into the province’s high schools, and, as this photo shows, hosted an Open House that attracted prospective students to the campus. It has been said that, until the establishment of the Foundation Year Program made King’s a university destination of choice, the efforts of the student-funded KPPR were what kept King’s afloat at a time when there was much talk of a merger with Dalhousie.

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