Stumped for a party playlist? Try the WAC jukebox

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What’s a party without a bit of music? We know King’s cares deeply about music, from our award-winning Chapel Choir to the famous musicians who cut their teeth playing sets in the Wardroom.

We asked alumni Stephanie McGrath and Rory MacLellan to give us 7 tracks each that reminded them of their time at King’s and compiled them into this Spotify playlist. You can stream the playlist below.

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In case you were curious, Stephanie and Rory highlighted a couple of songs and gave us the scoop on why they made the list.

Just by Radiohead (1995)

Stephanie: “Someone was blaring this song in the Quad when I came back to King’s as a frosh leader in my second year. I remember pulling into the Quad parking lot, hearing this song and immediately seeing some of my first year friends in the crowd. I was so excited to be back. This song always reminds me of fall in the best way possible.”

Amsterdam by Peter, Bjorn and John (2006)

Rory: “In the days where burnt CDs still circulated, I got a copy of the soundtrack that was curated for the King’s Theatrical Society production of Autobahn. None of the tracks were labelled, so I knew this song as ‘Track 2’ for about three years.”

Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill (1998)

Stephanie: “My friend Andrew worked in the Wardroom and played Lauryn Hill’s album so much I think it got banned for a short time due to overuse.”

Suzanne by Leonard Cohen (1967)

Rory: “First Year. Sunday, 2 a.m. FYP paper blinking at me. Leonard Cohen in heavy rotation. Pot of tea on my desk (no oranges from China).”

Sour Times by Portishead (1994)

Stephanie: “My go-to heartbreak song in university. I feel like I fell in and out of love a lot during my first few years, which is as it should be.”

Fire Burning by Sean Kingston (2009)

Rory: “Welcome to the dancefloor. You’d have been hard pressed to avoid this song in downtown Halifax any time between 2009-11.”