Tom Regan (BA ’84)

Welcome to 1980's.

In 1978-79, I was the first editor of the King’s Watch, along with John MacLeod. But it was my job to drive the layout sheets for the paper to Kentville Publishing. It seemed that every Thursday when I was to drive the sheets down to the valley, there was a wicked snow storm.

One Thursday wintry morning I was about to leave for Kentville when I saw Darrell Dexter (yes, that Darrell Dexter) and his then girlfriend Lori Mullins in the quad. I asked if they wanted to come along for the ride and they said sure.

Good thing they did, as it turned out.

spin, barely missing two semis going in the opposite direction on the highway. Then the windshield wipers broke. Well, that was a problem. So we pulled into a gas station and asked if they could help. They gave us two pieces of twine, one for each wiper. We tied them on and headed back on the highway. The rest of the way back into town, Darrell and Lori sat in the front with me, pulling the windshield wipers back and forth.

But we got the paper back in time to get it out to the students.

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